A Boon for Cutting Precision

Panel Dividing Saw Models: A Boon for Cutting Precision.

In today's fast-paced woodworking industry, accuracy and efficiency are paramount. HOMAG India offers a range of top-notch saw models designed to meet the needs of woodworking professionals. In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of saw models, with a focus on their models Panel Dividing Saw SAWTEQ O-100 and Panel Dividing Saw SAWTEQ S-180, and explore the target group that can benefit most from these cutting-edge machines.



The SAWTEQ O-100 is a robust and reliable panel dividing saw that is designed for high precision and efficiency. It is equipped with HOMAG's innovative technology, ensuring accurate cutting and excellent finishing.

Key features of the SAWTEQ O-100 include:

  • Cutting length up to 2,900 mm.
  • Powerful saw units for precise cuts.
  • User-friendly control panel with intuitive navigation.
  • Cutting optimization software for efficient material usage.

This model is ideal for small to medium-sized woodworking businesses looking to enhance their production processes. Its compact design and flexible configuration options make it suitable for various applications, such as furniture manufacturing, cabinet making, and interior fittings.



The SAWTEQ S-180 is a high-performance panel dividing saw that offers exceptional productivity and versatility. It is engineered to handle heavy workloads while maintaining precision and accuracy.

Notable features of the SAWTEQ S-180 include:

  • Cutting length up to 3,200 mm.
  • Dynamic pressure beams for secure and accurate positioning of workpieces.
  • Intelligent feeding system for efficient material handling.
  • Efficiency and reduced setup times.

The SAWTEQ S-180 is specifically designed for woodworking facilities and manufacturers who require cutting-edge technology and high capacity. Its advanced capabilities make it suitable for processing larger panels, such as those used in the production of doors, windows, and architectural elements.


Conclusion: HOMAG's panel dividing saw models, SAWTEQ O-100 and SAWTEQ S-180, cater to different segments of the woodworking industry. Whether you are a cabinet maker, a medium-sized furniture manufacturer, or a large-scale producer of architectural elements, HOMAG India has a machine that suits your needs. The precision, efficiency, and advanced features offered by these models enable woodworkers to optimize their production processes and deliver high-quality products to their customers.

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