A holistic view of solid wood

The solid wood sector of HOMAG encompasses a comprehensive range of solutions and services tailored to support the entire process chain in solid wood processing. Together with the experts from WEINMANN, System TM and Kallesoe, HOMAG offers the industry unique and highly competent expertise in the field of solid wood. This results in holistic system solutions — from dry boards and wood optimization through to the finished building.
Optimization of wood and personnel resources
The core competence of System TM, which has been part of the HOMAG Group since 2020, is in the optimization and processing of solid wood. With its system solutions, System TM is one of the largest suppliers worldwide in this area. The Danish company takes care of everything from plant design, installation, commissioning, and training of personnel, to service, maintenance and comprehensive resource planning. It continues to set industry standards along with its strategic partner Microtec.
Laminate production: innovative and high-quality
Kallesoe Machinery A/S, part the HOMAG Group since April 2021, specializes in high-frequency presses to produce glued timber, glue-laminated wood and cross-laminated wood. The core competence of the company is in the accelerated and safe hardening of the adhesive by means of high-frequency technology. This enables reduced operating costs due to the use of low-cost adhesive as well as shorter process times.  
Planning, moulding, and sanding machines to give wood profile and surface.
HOMAG planning and moulding machines combine state-of-the-art technology with solid mechanical engineering. From the four-sided planning of window scantlings and the processing of floor panels to unusual furniture components and sectional rails, everything is possible. HOMAG sanding machines provide accurate and consistent surfaces. The range includes special and universal machines for calibration, fine sanding, and varnish sanding. Always focused on processing wood and wood-like materials. 
Solutions for prefabrication
As an expert with many years of experience in prefabrication for timber construction, WEINMANN provides the complete range of machine technology for carpentry companies, modular construction, and the prefabricated house industry. In addition to machines and plants, this includes suitable software solutions, individual consultations, and comprehensive service. Individual solutions are developed through close collaboration with the customer, which can be expanded on a modular basis at any time.
The benefits of HOMAG's solid wood solutions are multi-faceted. Firstly, they provide precision, efficiency, and productivity improvements throughout the entire process chain of solid wood processing. This includes optimized cutting, profiling, planning, drilling, sanding, and finishing, resulting in high-quality end products and reduced waste. Additionally, the integration of software solutions and control systems streamlines workflows and maximizes production efficiency.
In summary, HOMAG's solid wood sector provides tailor-made solutions for the entire process chain in solid wood processing. Their commitment to sustainability, precision, efficiency, and customer support ensures that businesses in the solid wood industry can leverage the ecological value of wood while achieving high-quality results and optimizing their production processes. With the perfectly interlocking range of services offered by System TM, Kallesoe and WEINMANN, HOMAG has created the perfect conditions for a system supplier to offer as many technologies for solid wood as possible and from a single source.
Customer groups in the solid wood sector that benefit from HOMAG's solutions includes small-scale workshops, medium-sized manufacturers, and large-scale enterprises involved in solid wood processing. Architects, builders, timber construction companies, furniture manufacturers, and woodworking contractors can all benefit from HOMAG's expertise and advanced technologies.
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